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The MERCEDES CLS 350 CDI glides along the road like it’s on a maglev setup and the 3.0-litre turbodiesel  engine delivers the kind of refinement and low NVH levels you’d expect of a cutting-edge petrol engine. It’s an absurdly smooth vehicle to drive.

On top of improved levels of equipment and technology over its predecessor, which has been around since 2004, the CLS-Class is an all-new model from the ground up, and as such boasts a serious new look — one that keeps the low-slung and curvaceous roofline, but adds sharper angles at the front end.

The CLS-Class Coupe is strictly a four-seater. There’s a great big storage spine that bisects the interior which immediately creates a classy look and feel but all four occupants get extensive leg, hip, and shoulder room.

The interior is festooned with storage spaces, from cupholders to map pockets and there’s plenty of close-able cubbies in the rear too (not just up front) to keep belongings out of sight.

Car typeG3
Max people5
Door count4
Minimum driver age25
Unlimited mileage?Yes
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