Renault Captur

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The Captur is Renault’s small crossover and is based on the Clio, but it’s more practical for the family and it’s a stylish design too.

The Captur is compact and drives like an everyday hatchback, with light controls and precise handling, but it also has the advantage of a raised driving position that affords good visibility. Interior space impresses too – the boot is big enough for trips away and thanks to a sliding rear bench, rear seat passengers should be able to get comfortable even if they’re adults.  Fuel economy is low.

The Captur manages to deliver the stylish looks and the elevated driving position that make small crossovers so popular, coupled with efficient engine, good road manners and a practical cabin.

Standard equipment is good which makes the Captur a good choice for families and arguably the best car in Renault’s range.

Car typeG2
Max people4
Door count5
Minimum driver age25
Unlimited mileage?Yes
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